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Ambiance Wood Fireplaces add a fresh take on wood heating with efficient, clean-burning wood fireplaces, wood inserts, and freestanding wood stoves. These are not your grandfather’s wood fireplaces. Ambiance wood-burning products offer clean, elegant lines with a stylish feel while providing efficient warmth to your home. Your family will love the warmth and look of your Ambiance Wood product.


Ambiance Hipster® 14 & 20

The Hipster® 14 Woodstove is one of the most efficient woodstove on the Market, thanks to its TruHybrid combustion technology and quality materials such as Soapstone and cast iron. It is EPA 2020 certified at 1.07g/hr and is approved to be sold across Canada and the United States. It boasts a 79% Efficiency. The Hipster 14 is one of the few that qualify for the US 25d Tax Credit. Burn time is up to 16 hours on a single load of wood. It also offers a very clean glass thanks to its air washed technology. It is also backed by an impressive limited lifetime warranty.

  • Crystal clear tall glass.
  • TruHybrid burn technology.
  • Soapstone lining inside for a beautiful even heat output.
  • Premium quality cast iron made in Europe.
  • Made in Vermont, USA.
  • Extra long burn times : up to 16 hours on the Hipster 14 and up to 24 hours on the Hipster 20.
  • Mobile Home Approved.

Hipster 14 & 20

Outlander 15 & 19

Ambiance Outlander® 15

The Ambiance Outlander® 15 EPA Woodstove is built to last! Boasting heavy plate steel combined to a firebrick lined firebox, the performance is intense! Certified for both the USA and Canada to the strictest standards as set by the EPA and CSA, the Outlander®15 will provide years of satisfaction and warmth. It comes with the choice of a leg kit or a pedestal kit. Upgrades include an optional fan and an optional ash pan. The stove is painted metallic black and comes with a cool touch door handle.  The air washed glass radiates heat and produces that Ambiance only a wood fire can provide.

  • Non-Catalytic Technology.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction.
  • Firebox designed for 20-inch logs.
  • Stoves are offered either on legs or pedestal.
  • Pure Vision Airwashed Glass.

Brochures & Manuals

The above photos represent a sample of the products offered. Complete product offerings along with additional photos, brochures, manuals and helpful information can be found by clicking on the logo above to view the Web site. [click on logo to visit Ambiance Fireplaces Website]

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