Iron Haus Custom Fireplace Doors


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We find possibility where others see contradiction. Thoughtful Design. Unparalleled Craftsmanship. Innovative engineering that provides for seamless integration. Ironhaus is more than the door on your fireplace.  We think you’ll agree with us, that there is no one secret that makes Ironhaus a leader in the design and production of custom wrought iron architectural elements. It’s our philosophy and practices that make us stand out in the industry as a leader and trusted manufacturer of custom products for the home.

We are proud to be the la Crosse Area supplier for Iron Haus custom fireplace doors.

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Brochures & Manuals

The above photos represent a sample of the products offered. Complete product offerings along with additional photos, brochures, manuals and helpful information can be found by clicking on the logo above to view the Web site. [click on logo to visit Iron Haus Website]

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